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Our Expertise: Preventing Acute Care Rehospitalization


Through SBAR; Medication Management Program; Care
Transition Program and Fall Prevention Program

Effective Communication using SBAR












SBAR is a communication technique that we use to ensure that our staff are sharing
concise and focused information. It allows our staff to communicate assertively and
effectively, reducing the need for repetition, reducing the incidence of
miscommunications that occur through the use of assumptions, hints or vagueness.



Medication Management Program 


For many people, taking medication is a regular part of their daily routine, and these medicines are relied upon to treat diseases and improve health. Although medicines can make you feel better and help you get well, it is important to know that all medicines, have risks as well as benefits.


Our Registered Nurse assigned to your care will ensure that you will have a clear understanding of your medicines. She will provide a thorough explanation of what each of the medicine is used for, how to take them, and how to use and store them properly. She will perform a thorough review of all your medicines to identify and address possible side effects, check for possible allergies, adverse reactions, and drug interactions.



Care Transition Program


Patients are often confused about the discharge instructions. We created our Care Transitions Program for this reason to help senior adults transition safely from the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility to home.


Our Care Transition Manager will visit you in the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility and arrange a post-discharge home visit. She will be there to get the complete discharge information to ensure that you will be provided with the right continuity of care.


She will arrange your face-to-face visit with your primary care physician within seven (7) days post discharge, make sure that your durable medical equipments and medicines are procured and delivered on time.



Fall Prevention Program


If you are high risk to fall, our Physical Therapist will provide you with an evidence based fall prevention program.


Call us now and find out how you can join this program.

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